JGA13-9 September 26, 2009

Japan Game Awards 2009“Amateur Division”
  Grand Award, Award for Excellence,
and Honorable Mention Award Winners Announced

Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association

The Computer Entertainment Supplier’s Association (CESA, Chairman: Yoichi Wada, Location: Nishi Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo) has announced the winners of the “Grand Award,” “Award for Excellence,” and “Honorable Mention” awards from 10 finalists, which was selected from a total of 237 titles which were entered this year.

The Grand Award winner was the Tokyo Polytechnic University team “Takenoko” that created “BAMBOONO.” The goal of “BAMBOONO,” an action game designed to be played by two people, is for two players carrying a pole together to avoid various obstacles and clear various stages of the game. BAMBOONO was chosen for its high level of excitement and entertainment, in addition to the total balance between “playfulness” and “difficulty” and its ability to have two players play cooperatively at the same time.

(Selection Committee Member Comment)
“I believe that game was created with a high level of overall refinement, as it has the ability for two people to play the game, combined with simplicity of both the basic idea behind the game and the actions of the buttons. In fact the committee members actually forgot about the selection process and were able to thoroughly enjoy the game together with people they have met for the first time.”

In addition to the Grand Award winner “BAMBOONO,” the games “I’m Qbe,” “iDEARTh,” “SHABON DE POM ” and “Magnet of a silence” were selected for the Award for Excellence, and “OH!naradeGO!,” “GENETOS,” “Flare in the Incubus,” “Painting Wear,” and “HOSHIPOCHA” were selected for the Honorable Mention Award.

【Amateur Division Award Winners】

Award Title Platform Position / Prize
Grand Award BAMBOONO PC Tokyo Polytechnic University / Takenoko
Award for Excellence I'm Qbe PC HAL Osaka College of Technology & Design / Tatsuya Kikkawa
iDEARTh PS3 DEA / Leaning Tower of DEA
SHABON DE POM DS Nihon Kogakuin College / Minority
Magnet of a silence PC Niigata Computer college / Ms Doliko
BAMBOONO PC Tokyo Polytechnic University / Takenoko
Honorable Mention OH!naradeGO! Wii DEA / yo! joshi! Project
GENETOS PC Kisarazu National College of Technology / Tatsuya Koyama
Flare in the Incubus PC ECC College of Computer & Multimedia /
Painting Wear PC Niigata Hight Technology College / Yu Sakai

※Names of award recipients have been omitted.
PS3: PlayStation®3 / DS: Nintendo DS and DS Lite, DSi / PC: Personal Computer

Original game software titles to be considered for the “Amateur Division” awards were accepted from corporations, individuals, and students from Monday March 16 to Tuesday June 30, 2009. The field of applicants, which rose from last year to 237 titles this year, was narrowed to 18 titles in a two step process, including reviews by video tape and then by actually playing the games, by committee members comprised of industry magazine contributors and game creators. After this process, the narrowed field of titles is reviewed by industry magazine editors and top game creators, who comprise the selection committee, one more time to determine the winners of the “Grand Award,” “Award of Excellence,” and “Honorable Mention Award.”
With each passing year, improvements in graphic and programming technologies have contributed to the increases in the quality of the titles submitted for the “Amateur Division Awards.” In particular, the number of titles submitted by universities and the general public grew by 2.5 times from the number submitted last year. In addition to the educational institutions which have submitted titles in the past, titles from five new schools received awards this year and the range of game creators continues to widen.
The ten games which were awarded as winners of the various awards of the “Amateur Division” will be available to be played at the “Amateur Division Awards” corner of the “Japan Game Awards Show” in Hall 3 during the four days of the “Tokyo Game Show 2009.” We welcome visitors to come by and try out these notable games of future renowned game creators.
For more detailed information about the selection criteria of the winning titles, please go to the official Japan Game Awards site at the following
URL: http://awards.cesa.or.jp/en/

Japan Game Awards 2009
“Future Division” Awards Announcement Schedule

The winners of the “Future Division” award will be selected from the various game titles which have yet to be released that are on display at the Tokyo Game Show 2009 and determined by votes of visitors and the Tokyo Game Show Selection Committee. The “Future Division” awards announcement and presentation ceremony will be held as follows.

“Future Division”

Date and Time: Sunday, September 27, 12:30 to 13:30
Location: Event Stage in Hall 1 of the “Tokyo Game Show 2009”

※We ask that those persons in the media wishing to cover the
  “Tokyo Game Show 2009” obtain press passes. Please show your press pass
  at the entrance to the event stage.

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