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Award for excellence / Best Sales Award / Global Award Japanese ProductPokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon

General Description

Title Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon
Release 2016/11/18
Price 5,378yen(tax included)
Platform Nintendo 3DS series
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher The Pokemon Company
Developer GAME FREAK inc.
Copyright ©2016 Pokemon. ©1995~2016 Nintendo / Creatures Inc. / GAME FREAK inc. Pokemon, Pokemon character names and Nintendo 3DS are trademarks of Nintendo.

Reason for the Award for Excellence

New adventures are set in the “Alola region”.
Everything evolves in the game: “trials” to battle with Nero, “Poké Ride” to ride a Pokémon for travel, moreover, “Z-Move” to unleash a powerful attack, a new communication feature “Festival Plaza,” and so on.
This completely new version attracted many fans from children to adults.

The game won the award by gaining such supporters.

Reason for the Best Sales Award

The game successfully satisfied the expectations of many fans who looked for a new game and enchanted old users who had not played Pokémon for a long time until this work was released.
In addition, it got new users who had never played Pokémon before.
It wins the award as the best selling game during the applicable period.
Since a worldwide simultaneous release on November 18, 2016, the cumulative number of sales was 15.44 million as of the end of March this year.

Reason for the Global Award Japanese Product

This game can handle 9 languages and was released worldwide on November 18.
The first total number of shipment exceeded 10 million, and the game was a big topic.
Many fans are enthusiastic about the big adventure in the new region full of new plays.
This game won the award because it gained many supports in overseas markets.

Work Introdution

“Pokémon Sun and Moon” is the latest series that was released in the commemorative year, 20th anniversary of the original Japanese release of Pokémon.  Various adventures and stories are unfolded in the Alora region, which is composed of islands and full of nature.  The game treasures conventional identities of Pokémon while making new challenges such as introduction of the trial system for the first time in the series and  “Z-Move” to unleash a powerful attack. In addition, “simplified/traditional Chinese” are added and the total number of playable languages is 9.  The first total number of worldwide shipment exceeded 10 million, and people in wider regions and generations enjoy this game.

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