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Award for excellenceFortnite

General Description

Title Fortnite
Release 2017/7/25
Price free-to-play(※Battle Royale mode)
Platform PlayStation®4 / Nintendo Switch / XBox One / iOS / Android / Windows / Mac
Distributor Epic Games
Publisher Epic Games
Developer Epic Games
Copyright ©2018, Epic Games, Inc. All Rights Reserved


Third person shooter with free basic play.

In "Battle Royale," where a battle is held on an isolated island until only the last player survives from up to 100 players, the building element where players make a fort to prevent attack from enemies is the key to victory.

With exhilarating gun battles, high-level strategy that requires preparation and response according to the circumstances, and rich gimmicks such as limited item skins and items gained by fighting, Fortnite has gained popularity from users and was given the award based on the high level of support.

Work Introdution

Fortnite is an online game with PvP (Player vs. Player) and PvE (Player vs. Environment) modes. The big worldwide hit Battle Royale PvP mode is basically free.

As you advance in the story, you can play the PvE mode "Save the World" together with a team for a fee. In Battle Royale mode, there are various game modes such as Solo, Duo, and Squad, and the goal is to be the last survivor from 100 people. It is a thrilling game where you collect materials, build forts, and beat your opponents.

Fortnite Battle Royale has a differently themed "Battle Pass" each season. When you participate in the battle pass, new tiers are released one after the other as you complete challenges and achieve battle results, and you can get unique items and skins that are not available elsewhere as rewards. There is a total of 100 tiers. Be sure to give it a try!

Comment of the game producer

We would like to thank everyone very much for their vote.

Fortnite is loved by players all over the world and we are very moved by this. The game is supported by many people in Japan and we feel very happy about that. With the release of the Japanese version in March this year following the US release in 2017, the support around the world has been beyond our imagination.

I think that the popularity of Fortnite is thanks to the feedback we have received from all the players, and we are very grateful to them. Epic Games will improve the game as quickly as we can based on the comments we receive and give players a great experience.

I think that players are already enjoying Season 5, but Season 6 will start soon. We are considering updates such as changing the maps and adding interesting skins, new weapons, and modes so that players enjoy the game every season, so we hope that you will continue to enjoy playing!

Fortnite Japan Version Producer
Rob Gray

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