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Award for excellence / Best Sales Award

アマチュア部門 大賞 アマチュア部門 大賞

General Description

Release 2015/11/28
Price 6,264yen(tax included)
Platform Nintendo 3DS series
Distributor CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Publisher CAPCOM CO., LTD.
Developer CAPCOM CO., LTD.

Reason for the Award for Excellence

Mew factors were added to the game to enable free plays such as hunting arts and hunting styles: Guild, Striker, Aerial and Bushido styles. Infinite fun is created by combining these four styles and hunting arts and 14 types of weapons. The game received many supports from not only old fans but also new fans who played this game as the first “Monster Hunter.”

Reason for the Best Sales Award

Advanced actions and hunting styles of the game attracted not only old series fans but also new fans. It wins the award as the best-selling game during the applicable period. The cumulative sales are 3.3 million from the sales release on November 18, 2015 to the end of June this year.

Work Introdution

New actions of “hunting styles” and “hunting arts” allow players to enjoy the game in their own way. For the first time in the series, four flagship monsters appear.
Nyanter mode is added so that players can operate Otomo Airu, which used to be hunters' supporters. The latest Monster Hunter combines nostalgia and new things and makes new challenges. While new factors are offered, nostalgic monsters, villages, and fields.
Monster Hunter Cross. Now, “Let's find your own hunting!”

Comment of the game producer

It is a great pleasure for us to receive the honorable award for excellence.
We receive the award for excellence this year after the prize of future division. We really appreciate voting for us.
This work is one of “Monster Hunter” series without numbering. It is an ambitious work. While it is a “Monster Hunter,” new actions, monsters, and Nyanter are involved as “Cross.” It is our greatest pleasure that many people picked up and enjoyed the game.
Twelve years have passed since the first Monster Hunter was released! We want to keep on challenging without any easy going attitude. Please keep on supporting Monster Hunter series!
All team members of Monster Hunter Cross

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