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Award for excellenceThe Last Guardian

General Description

Title The Last Guardian
Release 2016/12/6
Price 7,452yen(tax included)
Platform PlayStation®4
Distributor Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Developer Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.
Copyright ©2016 Sony Interactive Entertainment Inc.


Unique world views shown in the overwhelming scale.
In picturesque scenes, the boy overcome difficulties, deepens the relationship with Trico, and emotion and love towards Trico as the game proceeds.
The whole game is filled with gentleness, hardness, and pains.
Moreover, moving piece of story and ending.
The game received the award because there were plenty of voices from fans, who looked for the release, saying “I was moved and wept.”

Work Introdution

A New Myth of the Boy and the Giant Creature.

This is the latest game by Mr. Fumito Ueda, a game designer who created “ICO” and “Shadow of the Colossus”, most famous games for PlayStation®2, which won many game awards and have been loved by users all over the world.

A player can operate a boy and had adventures on forgotten giant ruins with Trico, a subject to be feared as the Large Man-Eating Eagle. The boy and the giant creature naturally do not travel together. This action adventure, however, shows they overcome many difficulties together and deepens the bond. The aim of the production was to inspire the game with real-lifephysics. The Large Eagle Trico is an imaginary creature, but its eyes narrow when the wind blows and each feather flows, Sometimes Trico is cute and sometimes terrible. The game offers experiences full of reality and a player feels as if Trico was there.

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