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General Description

Release 2016/11/24
Price 3,090yen(tax included)
Platform PlayStation®4 / Steam
Distributor Playdead
Publisher Playdead
Developer Playdead
Copyright ©2016 Playdead. All rights reserved.


This time, many famous games were selected including those selected for the Award for Excellence, but it was this game that won the greatest number of votes from judges.   

The operation method is quite orthodox, but the impressive depictions remain in our hearts. 
The mysterious world including a leading character. Its expression technique is very unique. Comparing many works, we found almost none is “similar.”
As a form of originality, we selected this game for the Game Designers Award, which attaches importance to originality.

Work Introdution

One of the most famous games in 2016 was finally released in Japan!
A horizontally scrolled action adventure by “Playdead,” a video game developer known for the masterpiece “LIMBO.”
In a beautiful, nearly monochromatic art style, the game shows the shocking development without any word.

This game was released overseas before Japan. The completion level as an action adventure and its beautiful world view were highly praised. This game title got the highest media score this year.

The game provides neither the explanation of the story nor any dialogue/text.
The player must interpret what is happening before his/her face.
Clearly, a boy tries to intrude into a research facility, which is very dangerous.
Some cruel projects are conducted there.

If guards find the boy, he will be kidnapped. If a security machine detects him, he will be instantly killed.
In addition, mind-controlled people who have lost their mind loiter around.
One of real thrills of the game is the further the boy moves, the stranger events become.

This game is highly evaluated for precise visuals and smooth character animation.
The art style is impressive: the boy with red shirt runs across the monochromatic background.
The solitude of the boy stands out.

Only Jump and Action are available other than moves with the direction key.
Yet gimmicks to be solved to move forward are rich in diversity.
Making excellent use of applied skills and inspirations, the player can go forward in the mysterious world.

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