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Grand Award / Award for excellence
YO-Kai Watch

Grand Award Award for Excellence

General Description

Title YO-Kai Watch
Release Jul 11, 2013
Price 4,937yen(tax included)
Platform Nintendo 3DS and 3DS LL
Distributor LEVEL-5 Inc.
Publisher LEVEL-5 Inc.
Developer LEVEL-5 Inc.
Copyright ©2013 LEVEL-5 Inc.

Reason for the Grand Award / Award for Excellence

Fun that distinctive and adorable specters will be combined and evolve.
The prize has been given to the work, which made kids excited and possessed, being received the voice of "It's fun, exciting" from many people with the indication of deathblow or replacement of circle, battle to fight by popping and rubbing their specters, and numerous gimmicks such as monster medals and demon time.

Work Introdution

The "Yokai Watch" is a cross-media work simultaneously deployed in a variety of media such as TV anime and manga.
This work is the original story, has become a new RPG on the theme of monsters.

Sakura New Town, the stage of the story, is the town seemingly normal.
However, there are specters living everywhere here.
Along with the main character who got a mysterious watch "Yokai Watch" that can show a monster, players can experience a little unusual everyday life.
They will locate the specters in every corner of the thoroughly built town and gradually become friends as playing battles at times.

In this work, we created a new type of battle on the theme of playing by touch.
Players can enjoy strategic battles with effective support for the monster friends such as indications of a replacement of circle and deathblow.
You can also enjoy more immersive battle with the "specter touch action", by popping and rubbing the specters.

Comment of the game producer

It's great to be awarded such a great prize. Thank you very much.

This work was our full of new RPG created by LEVEL-5, so the team drove the engine of development to create something new.
New factors can be seen everywhere in the game such as view of the world, setting, gimmicks that take place in the town and battle systems.
Each staff was committed to the creation from unique specters to the cityscape and every detail of the buildings.

So, it is a work that, while feeling a good response, could be accepted to everyone. But it turned out to be overstate of so much that is over our expectation, I am surprised to be honest.
It's been our goal from the initial planning, to create a work to be loved long.
In order to foster the work that goes on for 10 to 20 years, we will continue a variety of challenges in the future, so please look forward to the growth of this work called "Yokai Watch."

Akihiro Hino
President and CEO,
LEVEL-5 Inc.