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Game Designers AwardGorogoa

General Description

Title Gorogoa
Release 2017/12/21
Price 540~1,620yen(tax included)
Platform Nintendo Switch / Xbox One /
iOS / Android OS / PC
Distributor Annapurna Interactive
Publisher Annapurna Interactive
Developer Buried Signal
Copyright © 2017 Buried Signal, LLC. Published by Annapurna Interactive under exclusive license. All rights reserved.


"Gorogoa" is a puzzle game where players move, arrange, and pile up the layers of a picture.
Although it seems like an old-fashioned game just by hearing about it, it features wonderful art and fantastic solutions, has no text at all, yet has a mysterious storyline and way of showing elements, and is full of a unique beauty that can only be found in this game.

The Game Designers' Award is decided based on creativity as the most important factor. However, if the game is not known, it cannot be voted for.

We think that few people will have played Gorogoa. However, multiple judges played the game and gave many votes, giving it the top spot this year for both the number of votes and the number of supporters.

We are sure that this game is completely unique.

Work Introdution

Gorogoa was developed by Jason Roberts, who also created the graphics. It is a beautiful hand-painted story that can be said to be a new evolution in the puzzle field.
Unique and imaginative puzzle
The Gorogoa gameplay is an original creation where players solve puzzles by arranging beautifully drawn tiles using their imagination. It is very simple but satisfyingly complex.

Charming hand-drawn gameplay

The developer Jason Roberts created thousands of detailed hand-drawn illustrations and tied them to the impressive story of Gorogoa.

A new type of storytelling
Gorogoa is not just a game. It is a work of art that expresses itself through attractive and soulful illustrations and puzzles that are distinct from other games.

Comment of the game producer

It's an enormous surprise, honor, and delight to win this award.

I’ve always found other developers the hardest group to impress, so their acceptance and recognition means a huge amount!

This is especially true of The Japan Game Awards, because so many of the brilliant games that shaped my thinking as a designer came from Japan.

Thanks so much for choosing my little game!

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