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Grand Award / Award for excellenceThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

General Description

Title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
Release 2017/3/3
Price 7,538yen(tax included)
Platform Nintendo Switch / Wii U
Distributor Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Publisher Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Developer Nintendo Co., Ltd.
Copyright ©2017 Nintendo


The Latest Game of the Series that Many Fans Had Been looking for.
Their expectations were exceeded. Both series and new fans, who experience Zelda for the first time, highly praised the game: “Problem solving and battles are so exhilarating. Nothing is better,” “Adventures are succession of surprises and discoveries and very enjoyable,” “I can do everything I want,”  “Just walking is very fun,” “The best game of the series” and “The game deserves the award.”  The strongest admiration arose.
In the general votes, the game received overwhelming supports from 5 to 74 year-old players regardless of sexes and generations and won the award.

Work Introdution

As usual in the series, the latest Legend of Zelda features “puzzle solving joy,” “unique characters,” and “massive story” and allows you to enjoy very flexible adventures.

In the wide world, you can go anywhere and do anything freely. It is all up to you to determine every adventure activity.

Do you spend time hunting wild animals?  Do you go to get rid of monsters?  Do you go around visiting glorious views? You can run, swim, fly, rise, and enjoy adventures as you like in the endless world.

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