AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Technical Special Award

Amateur Division Technical Special Award

General Description

Platform PC
School HAL Osaka
Winner's name RTableProject

Reason for the Technical Special Award

  • All parts are high-quality and the degree of perfection is best of the bunch.
  • Especially, the technology that installs the multiplay with 8 players deserves special attention.
  • The completion, which enables the play without stress as a whole, reaches the quality approved by professionals.
  • On the other hand, the concept, game characteristics, and the view of the world are just acceptable.
    I want youngsters to pursue sharper.
  • It is difficult to grasp positions of the other player(s) and play in an impromptu manner.
    I want some devices such as a map and radar to facilitate the play.
  • Final judges argued that this work was not produced after the theme of “time” was released for this award though engineers' technology is no doubtly high.
    Besides, we really wondered that the time limit is the only one reflecting the theme of “time” in this work and that this might stretches the point.
  • Still, the technical skill to implement a multiplay for eight players to play without stress was outstanding among applied works.
    Therefore, we want to award the Special Technical Award, which is not included in the ordinary judgment, to this work and especially evaluate the engineers.
Takashi Tokita
Square Enix Co., Ltd

Work Introdution

Fighting action game which allows up to eight players to fight simultaneously over the server.

Players can be equipped with various weapons fallen on the stage drawn with high-quality graphics.

Two modes, namely, the battle royal and the team battle are prepared. Moreover, there are gimmicks that certain combinations of weapons provide special effects.

This work is highlighted by high technology that installs the multiplay enabling the simultaneous connection of 8 players without stress.