AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Honorable Mention

Amateur Division Honorable Mention

General Description

Title Hikagemono
Platform PC
School Vantan Game Academy
Winner's name Team Kagetaro

Reason for the Honorable Mention

The view of the world and graphics are by far the best.
I was all choked up with the feeling that inhabitants in the world of this game are "living."
They work during day and sleep at night. They play during day but go home after the sun sets.
It is wonderful to apply the theme of the “time” to life.

The following is some spoiler. Someone bars the way of a hero.
If he processes gimmicks, he can go through, but then, the one who bars the way is in trouble.
The story, however, does not end when the hero passes through. He helps the one who barred the way!
I strongly felt warmth in people's hearts.

As for game characteristics, it is a pity that this work is almost consistently a gimmick process game.
The volume of contents is not sufficient and players may not be satisfied.
I am looking forward to the future works!

Daisuke Taka
Gree Inc.

Work Introdution

Puzzle action game to bring a treasure, which can freely control the time, to the king's castle.

The player not only takes actions to control the time and change the environment but also substantiate the shadow created through the operation of time to clear various obstacles and head for the goal.

This work displays attractive originality, heartwarming graphics, nice story, and the view of the world with uplifting feeling.