AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Honorable Mention
Time Bomb

Amateur Division Honorable Mention

General Description

Title Time Bomb
Platform smartphone / tablet
Winner's name Quad

Reason for the Honorable Mention

[Positive Points]
  • The initial moving operation is simple and good. Looking at the screen, the player understands all he/she has to do is to roll a cube.
    > The first impression before play is a simple game with a neat design. The actual actions taken by a user are neat and simple: only rolling a cube.
    It is good that there is no gap between the first impression and the reality.
  • Handling of the theme of "time"
    The idea itself of replacing the limit of frequency and the time until the blast is unique.
  • The design is simple and easy to understand.
  • It seems natural that a game can be normally played to some degree, but this cannot be easily carried out. It is wonderful to pursue the theme under this in mind.
[Challenge to Be Solved]
  • As the player cannot replace the limit of frequency with the time until the blast in an intuitive manner, he/she cannot casually operate the game and cannot get catharsis. Some users may often wonder why. This work has a tendency of selecting players.
  • To be more difficult with the progress cannot be avoidable to some degree. Still, clearing a stage does not bring any exhilarating feeling and there is a fact the stage is cleared. Difficult to enjoy...

    The further the player goes, the less interesting. This is tough.
    The level design may be a problem. Still, in the first place, the biggest challenge is whether a definition of what is the most interesting in this game.

    Form a habit of "clarification of a concept before the game development!"
    (The concept was determined to some degree this time, but neither data nor the game was created well enough to clearly notify judges of it. You can convey it much better. Think, create, and promote your growth!!)
It is wonderful to achieve some level of completion of design and game characteristics within 3 month-plus from the announcement of the theme. But to be frank, I cannot help but feel this work somewhat fizzles out and the level design is not sufficient.

The progress of a phase does not mean the difficulty increases.

The game must be enjoyable to make players keep on playing.
I expect the developer to evolve from only one-time play and only those who can go deep can play.

Difficult creation
Complicating creation

These are not very difficult in developing a game but are the first steps.
More strongly Image and determine a concept and a target before developing a game.
In addition, let's address the essence of the game itself!
Survival and ranking are important, but squarely elaborate on the amusement of this Time Bomb

I have expectations on the future of developers!

Yasuhito Baba
DeNA Co., Ltd.

Work Introdution

Puzzle game where the player rolls a block, heading for an orange light goal on the stage.

The key of winning is explosion squares which are counted down every time one square of block is moved.

Not only avoiding a square but also sometimes daringly approaching it and exchanging the time until the blast for the time limit may be required.

This work is a strong appealing work based on a unique idea of exchanging the time limit to clear for the time until the blast and simple game characteristics with various gimmicks to surprise the player.