AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Honorable Mention
Gossip Quest

アマチュア部門 佳作

General Description

Title Gossip Quest
Platform PC
School Nagoya Computer School
Winner's name Team Gossip Quest

Reason for the Honorable Mention

The idea of starting a false rumor and damaging and beating a brave is fresh and unique. I cannot help but playing the game.

Though the game itself is completed, the route of rumor is not easy to understand, and the game tends to be over. Currently, the game does not meet the plan.

The game will be far more interesting if users are more kindly guided by introducing a tutorial and reconsidering the user interface. This time, we award the game for its planning ability and challenges to a difficult genre.

Katsuhiko Hayashi, Kadokawa Dwango Corporation

Work Introdution

Start a rumor to defeat the brave! A puzzle RPG game where the player operates the slime that transforms itself into a villager and starts a rumor according to the order of the Devil to beat the brave.

Player's success depends on the observation of how villagers, who are to spread the rumor, react when they hear it for the first time to make a brave hear the rumor and effectively beat him. Braves' characters are varied. One is shy, the other is talkative, and so on. Let's use their characters and spread an effective rumor! The game is full of originality including a unique concept of beating a brave by a rumor and a program realistically expressing how a rumor spreads.

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