AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Honorable Mention

アマチュア部門 佳作

General Description

Platform PC
School HAL Osaka
Winner's name No Plan

Reason for the Honorable Mention

Basically, it is a simple action puzzle by “leading the energy flow to the goal.” It is easy to understand the concept of controlling the flow. The game is appealing, and the player want to keep on retrying many times although displeased.

Especially, I feel it good that the game is not mechanical. It is not easy to control some stages. The production team does not “only change the direction of the energy flow” but also weakens the energy when the flow is split and directs the flow in the least expected direction depending on the positions of blocks.
In some stages, I felt stress on the cursor movement and block creation, but it is safe to say the game is rich in thinking and satisfies the theme requirement.

Akira Chigira, Kadokawa Corporation

Work Introdution

A puzzle game where the player operates the blue flow, collects energies placed on stages, and leads the flow to the goal.

Player's success depends on the placement of blocks that manipulate the flow. If the player places blocks so that flows can be combined and their directions can be changed, he/she will reach a goal soon! Still, unexpected influence occurs such as the split or disappearance of flows.  When the player operates the flows that are contrary to his/her wish well and achieve a goal, he/she enjoys exceptional exhalation feeling!
 In spite of the simple rule and the simple operability, it is a deep game that makes the player try many times until he/she achieves the goal.

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