AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Award for excellence / Individual Award

アマチュア部門 大賞 アマチュア部門 個人賞

General Description

Platform PC
Winner's name Nozu Souichirou

Reason for the Award for Excellence / Individual Award

"What a shame! Why couldn't I do well in the game just now?” The game is filled with such feeling. It completes requirements of a simulation game where the player enjoys the match or the mismatch with expectation through trials and errors.
At first, it is not very easy to understand the rules. However, there is a process that the player understands the rules through plays in the initial stages. This may be a design concept. Though the producer calls his work “puzzle game,” it has factors of a sports game (off course, golf) in some scenes where there is no perfect correct answer. In addition, I evaluate the austere elegance and uniqueness that “bamboo-leaf boat in a river” gives a hint.
This work was produced “alone.” The individual might easily maintain a good balance in stage design and part customization. Still, I am impressed with a fact that the individual created a game with such game play time. I feel this is suitable for a smartphone application. I do hope the producer will keep on developing/improving this until completion/release.

Kazuaki Ishino, GREE Inc.

Work Introdution

Putting a “bamboo-leaf boat in a river”gives a hint to this new wave of puzzle game. A player reads the flow of water and aims at hole in one of golf.

Players' success depends on whether they can make good use of three different parts: the body with weight, jet or a jet spray, and float which gives buoyant force. They can enjoy the sense of achievement when they succeed in making a movement as expected and when they enter the goal with unexpected movement after various trials and errors. The game is highly addictive.

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