AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Award for Excellence
Tick Bomb

Amateur Division Award for excellence

General Description

Title Tick Bomb
Platform smartphone / tablet
School Trident computer college
Winner's name Shohei Ikoma

Reason for the Award for Excellence

[Positive Points]
  • This work has a high degree of perfection. Comparing it with the other works, creators should be proud of the level.
  • The design is simple and has good taste.
    > Unfortunately, we cannot help but feel deja vu. Still, the degree of perfection makes up for it.
  • If this work resembles other works, the level of perfection of this work is marvelous.
    And such level is attained by an individual. This should be highly evaluated.
  • It has a good game design which allows the player not to control the time of action but to actively control the time after he/she sets it.
    > Therefore, the game is widely open for players to a certain degree, does not panic them and does not exert unnecessary pressure when they play it.
[Challenge to Be Sold]
  • The level design is not so bad, but it is pity to suddenly set 0.2 second for the first stage (moreover, it is the first bomb).
    What image does the creator have for the play? He does not have to be forced to produce a tutorial for this type of game. If he releases factors in a good order, players can often understand his intentions.
  • The timing of explosion and the blast are important gimmicks in this game, but it is a pity for players to repeat the game and memorize vague images to distinguish explosion powers and ranges of effects.
    If blasts were visible to some degree, effects were given according to a level, or the creator devised another way, the player's "countermeasures against a failure" would lead to a "wish to play repeatedly."
The game design, gimmick design, and the steady packaging are highly evaluated, and better still, all of them are done by an individual.

Recently, players feel anxious in playing a new video game unless he/she has some deja vu. I don't think every game should be original. Still, thanks to the success of "Q" and others, players start to wonder if this is a good way to play a game, and then, feels "yes, that's right!" This situation is not bad.

It will be nice for game developers to have clearer image of target users and develop games, thinking how the users play them.

In addition, this type of a game requires many stages because core elements are small. Developers have no way but manually generate stages. (Isn't the automatic generation difficult?) There is a limit because the development depends on time.

As a game must be developed in a short time, the game design is small and a puzzle game depends on gimmicks and data. This cannot be helped to some degree. But I want the developer to challenge a game with higher game characteristics next time.

I am looking forward to it.

Yasuhito Baba
DeNA Co., Ltd.

Work Introdution

Physical puzzle game of moving a block by a blast of a delayed-action bomb and leading it to a goal.

The player is obsessed with the sense of achievement when he/she clears a stage by a route according to the image by predicting a distance for a block to be blown off by a bomb and the time of being blown off and arranging bombs with the time difference.

To clear a complicated stage with a high difficulty level, not only "positions" of more than one delayed-action bomb but also the "time" setting until their respective explosion are keys.

This work is a highly complete video game realized by a simple operability and allows the player to sensuously enjoy good strategies.