AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Award for excellence

アマチュア部門 大賞

General Description

Platform smartphone / tablet
School Nagoya Kougakuin College
Winner's name Furukawa Takashi

Reason for the Award for Excellence

From the viewpoint of the game plan, it is unexciting to express the “flow,” the theme of this year, as the “belt conveyor.”
I imagined the game contents, started to play the game, and found my expectation was right. Still, I was surprised the game had been created alone.

If the creator develops a game with more people, he would be able to do more. Thinking of the fact he did not take any method to make the game more interesting, I feel the game would be better.

I feel the producer has a good potential to grow. Please try harder.

Mizuki Hosoyamada, SEGA Games Co., Ltd.

Work Introdution

The domination game where the player sends a robot manufactured at the home territory through the belt conveyor and destroys enemy robots and factories.

The turn system is applied to allow two consecutive attacks.
There are two attack methods: change the belt conveyor movement and move the robot. It is important to forecast the movements of the enemy and the belt conveyor and attack efficiently.  Still, the movement of the belt conveyor is random and does not move as the player wishes.
Sometimes, careful consideration may prevent the player from moving his/her fingers...

 It is highly original game with friendly graphics, easy-to-understand rules, and a high level of strategy that is difficult to predict.

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