AWARDED GAMES "Amateur Division"

Grand Award / Award for Excellence
Ten - dousetsu

Amateur Division Grand Award Amateur Division Award for excellence

General Description

Title Ten - dousetsu
Platform PC
School Tokyo Polytechnic University
Winner's name Alice to Teles

Reason for the Grand Award / Award for Excellence

How to change the "theme" into a novel and attractive "concept."
How to devise a method of developing the concept into a game through "game designs," "programs," "graphics," and "sound" and giving users a wonderful time.

These are questions troubling many game creators. Personally, I think the video game creation is the repetition of this forever and ever. (Of course, the theme, namely, the start point, is sometimes given, and sometimes has to be found by creators themselves.)

This year, the theme of "time" was given to applicants.

All works, which received Award for Excellence, were created, sincerely faced with the theme. Especially, "Ten - dousetsu" was excellent in developing < theme to concept and then to game. >

The game concept of this work is survival action game: the safe day when the player can destroy monster's eggs is changed into the dangerous night when he/she escapes from monsters every 10 second and the player must use the "offensive and defensive time" for survival. When we hear this concept of survival action game, we feel this game sounds "novel and interesting!"

When I actually played the game, I was impressed with the well-thought out game design. Playing factors using time such as "time limit," "self-count," "timing," "countdown calculation," and etc. are naturally interweaved.

The story, graphics, and sounds are created based on this concept. I feel the theme, the concept, and the gameplay fully draw out the interests of the "time."

Above all, I had a good impression with the team work. There were many points I felt the team always shared the image of completed game. This work is a good game, and at the same time, the team must be good enough to receive the Grand Award.

Finally, I was so addicted to the game during the review. Simply, it was fun.
Many congratulations.

Daisuke Murano, Bandai Namco Studios

Work Introdution

A player confronts monsters.
A survival action game where a player must survive "day" and "night," which are switched every 10 second.

During the safe "day," a player should destroy monster's eggs and during the dangerous "night," he/she should run away from looming monsters.

To win the game, the player should activate the sonar to observe enemies and attack monsters' eggs at the moment when the day is changed into the night or vice versa.
If he/she misses the timing of starting the sonar, monsters will attack him/her in a moment.

No time (seconds) left before the moment of change is displayed.
The player must depend on his/her own countdown.
The work is thrilling and the tempo is good.